⏩ Dr. Rivas

Image: A screenshot of one of his latest experiments with interactive digital art. (2015)

Dr. Nicolas Rivas is a physicist, writer and (digital) artist from Chile. He just finished his doctorate in physics at the University of Twente. “My biggest inspiration were my parents, both philosophers. Our house was full of books, we had no television, and we used to have long conversations during dinner, about anything: history, art and philosophy of course. My father was always taking ideas to their deepest level, and that way of thinking stuck with me. He published a few books of philosophical poetry. My mother passed on to me the love for literature. We always discussed the books she recommended. When I was young I loved writing, I started with poetry. Then for a while I was into science fiction, and wrote my own stories. My favourite assignment at school was writing essays. Some aspects of writing I consider to be art (poetry) but it is a very crafty art. Even when the topic is boring, the act of writing is always a joy, looking for the right words and finding the right structure; a puzzle where you can be creative.” (…)

In 2014 the project title was DEPRODUCTION, with the subtitle Less Production, More Impact. Inspired by the term degrowth, searching for sustainable ways of living (consuming) and creating, curated by SinQuenza.

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