⏩ Sadra Wejdani

Image: Connecting To Nature by Sadra Wejdani installations made during the Artist-In-Residence  FLOW&FOCUS FAST-FORWARD (2014)

Sadra Wejdani is an artist from Tehran (Iran), he studied fine arts in Enschede (NL) and did a master in Brussels. “In Iran classic Persian poets have a big influence on the education, they create images with their poems.” Hafiz and Khayyám are two poets that specifically inspired him: “they are very human, they talk about nature, nature seen by human, nature as something from the point of view of a human. In their poetry, 700 years ago, they spoke about fundamentals of humans like human failure and human values. A few days ago I was reading Khayyám again, and still feel that it works. I think it didn’t change. Their words are timeless.”   (…)
In 2014 the project title was DEPRODUCTION, with the subtitle Less Production, More Impact. Inspired by the term degrowth, searching for sustainable ways of living (consuming) and creating, curated by SinQuenza.

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