⏩ Julia Calvo

Image: Toast Brot (2014)

Julia Calvo was one of the artists FLOW&FOCUS FAST-FORWARD 2014. The general project title was DEPRODUCTION, curated by SinQuenza, with the sub-title Less Production, More Impact. Inspired by the term degrowth, searching for sustainable ways of living (consuming) and creating. As a response Julia made with the cheapest “art” material, the basic need for an artist: bread.

Julia Calvo is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Barcelona. From an early age, she had a big fascination to copy the characters from cartoons and animations. Her parents introduced her to the culture of art. “They showed me a lot of museums. In my family there are various artists. When I was six years old they asked me what I wanted to be when I’m older, I said, ‘an artist’. For me it was an ‘ideal’ to become an artist. I loved classic sculpture (…)

Read the full interview here (PDF)


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